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We provide quality education and want that Pakistani nation must be the best nation of the world. Govt: Primary School Zando Dheri was established on 24th April 1938 before partition of indo-pak Sub-contenent. Its first Head Master was Noor Jalal a profisional and hard working educationist. At that time it was the fist one school in the area. Now a days its student strenth is 250. Its area is 12 Marlas and it has a double storeys building there a...
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Government Primary School Zando Dheri No.1
Government Primary School Zando Dheri No.1
Zando Dheri Mardan, Pakistan
Contacts:  +923479488177, +923115033228

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Taleem da tolo da para

Shaukat Hussain

Come to Get and Go to Disburse

Education is the systematic process of instruction for the development of character or mental powers as well as a tool for the development of the nation. The primary stage of education is of prime importance for the edifice of career. Soundness and tidiness of this stage enable a child to raise a standard of his personality. Unfortunately the importance of this stage is ignored to a large extent in our country  As Our Institute is an primary level school. We impart education and want to improve our letracy rate which is possible if we fulfil our duties. It is possible if we admit our children in school So we offer to come and admit your children with us. The Govt Primary School Zando Dheri, Mardan is one of the reputed organizations of Mardan  . It provides quality education  . We provides good facilities to the students. Our Teaching Staff  is excellent. The aim of GPS Zando Dheri is to provides such a skill and Education  to the student which contributes in the development of their personalities as well as in the progress of Pakistan. No other institution provides such facilities as we provides. Our aim is to educate the student in such a way that prove fruitful for the society.I think it is our formost duty to educate the child and make their lives prosprious and positve for the nation which may make us the most powerful nation of the world. So I request the parents to come and fulfil their children`s thirst for more and more knowledge.

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